The fake vaginafake pussytoy pussy or pocket pussy havs become insanely popular for guys who want masturbation to be more like real sex, but without the whinging or nagging that comes with real pussy.

Nowadays a pocket pussy is normal for a guy to own and is created to feel just like real pussy and in some cases a fake pussy actually feels better on your cock than a real one.

Long before I created this website and started selling sex toys, a friend of mine bought me a pocket pussy, WOW. It was so sensitive on my cock I came in less than one minute with her.

It was so sensitive that I came so quickly and became fearful of not being aroused enough during sex with a real woman. So what was my response after  using it twice? I threw it in the trash bin.

Yes this is a true story. A couple of years later amd I have calmed down and I enjoy a number of toy vaginas. Let me show you a few I have tried here.

First one is quite realistic and soft/flesh like and has an anal passage that you can place a bullet vibrator into to create the vibrating sensation as you thrust into her.

Or you can finger her ass and put pressure on your cock as you thrust in this toy pussy.

Click on any pic to take you to the product page where you can see a video (non pornographic - no guys dicks involved!) where you can see the toy in action.

Pocket pussy Pocket pussy

Second we have the see through transparent pocket pussy which is super sensitive on your cock. See through means you can see your cock while you cum into the pocket pussy.