5 Great Blowjob Techniques To Use Now

The most important part when giving your man a great blowjob is knowing and using the best blow job techniques to give him maximum pleasure. Below are 5 great oral sex techniques,

Building Up

When you want to give a man a blowjob, he will cum much harder if you slowly build up towards it, instead of just ripping his pants off as soon as you start to feel aroused.

So how do you build up to giving a man a great blowjob?

Start with the obvious stuff, foreplay. While you are kissing and cuddling, slowly lower one of your hands to his crotch. Start to slowly massage his penis and balls outside his pants.

After a minute or two lower his pants so that you can easily access his penis and balls with your hands. Gently grab hold of his penis with your hand and slowly start to massage it up and down.

In other words, start to give him a gentle massage and hand job. Applying just a tiny amount of pressure helps to build up tension so that when you do eventually start giving a man a blowjob, he will cum much harder.

You can use a masturbation glove or finger glove like below for increased pleasure (clink on images for details). picture image of masturbation gloveYou can give him this gentle handjob for a few minutes. Just remember that the longer you give it to him, the more likely he is going to blow his load while giving him this gentle hand job so keep your motions soft and slow.

After giving him this very gentle handjob for a while, it’s time to lower your head down towards his crotch. This will help to further build the tension for your man who desperately wants you to start sucking...

To keep building up the tension before you start sucking his penis, start to very softly kiss, nibble and even very gently lick his penis.

Just purse your lips together and kiss his penis all over. This means that you need to kiss the penis head all the way down to the bottom of his shaft and his balls.

After about 1 minute of this, start to lick his dick. This is really easy. Just stick out your tongue and slowly lick his penis up and down. It’s much easier to lick his penis upwards from the bottom of his shaft to the top instead of licking it up and down.

The underside of a man’s penis is the easiest side to lick and coincidentally it’s also the most pleasurable. Don’t forget about the head!

After another 30 seconds to 2 minutes of licking his penis, it’s finally time to take his penis into your mouth and actually start sucking his cock!

The "Hold and Suck"

The Hold and Suck is a common blowjob tip, but it’s still very powerful oral sex technique to use on a man. This is a great blowjob technique which gives a man a lot pleasure when learning how to give a good blowjob.

To perform the Hold and Suck, you need the take about the first inch of your man’s penis into your mouth. When it’s inside your mouth, you need to use your tongue to massage on and around the penis head.

Just simply rub your tongue back and forth over his penis or instead make a circular motion using your tongue over his head.

As always remember to mix it up. While using your mouth to give his penis head a blowjob, you need to grab the rest of his penis with one of your hands. Now just simply use this hand to give him a handjob.

I find that it’s best to alternate the amount of pressure you apply using your hand.

The Tongue Squeeze

This is a great oral sex technique to use on a man for 2 reasons. The Tongue Squeeze is one of the more advanced blowjob techniques that you should try when learning how to give oral sex to your man.

To perform it you need to take your man’s penis quite deep into your mouth.

So if you have a very sensitive gag reflex. Once you have his penis in your mouth, you need use your tongue to push it upwards so that the head/glands is forced against your palate. Your palate is the hard bit of flesh on the top of your mouth.

While the head of your mans penis is pressed against the top of your palate, use your tongue to lick and massage the underside of his penis. Using your hand to keep his cock in place is a good idea so that your jaw and tongue don’t get too tired.

The only problem with the Tongue Squeeze to give your man a blowjob is that sometimes your mouth will be too small or his penis will be too big for you to perform it comfortably. But if his penis fits comfortably, he will enjoy it a lot!

Don’t Forget About His Balls

When a lot of people are first learning how to give oral sex to their boyfriend or husband, they only concentrate on his dick. This is perfectly fine, but… Stimulating a guys balls is really simple, in fact much simpler than sucking his dick.

To stimulate his testicles, you just need to use an open palm to slowly and gently rub the up and down. When you first start to massage his balls, make sure to only use a tiny bit of pressure because they can be initially sensitive.

When you can tell he's enjoying it, start to vary the amount of pressure and the patterns you use to see what turns him on the most.

A slightly more advanced technique is to use your fingers. You can slowly run them over his balls. This may tickle him slightly, but it feels really wonderful at the same time.

Make sure that you have filed down any rough edges on your nails before you start fondling his testicles to prevent yourself from accidentally giving him any nicks, scratches or cuts.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with a man is an often misunderstood oral sex technique when you are learning how to give your guy a blowjob. You won’t realise it until you first try it, but it’s a really powerful oral sex tip for you and your lover. Most men like taking on a dominant role when having sex with their partner.

When you are on your knees, looking up at him, you are actively taking on a submissive role, which will enhance his dominant sexual feelings.

Maintaining eye contact when giving a guy a blow job is actually really difficult. You may feel a little awkward, shy or even nervous when you're doing it, especially if you want to hold eye contact with your man for a prolonged period of time.

This is why eye contact is an advanced blow job technique. If the idea of staring at your man while giving him oral sex is a little awkward for you, then you may want to learn how to build your sexual confidence when giving your man a blowjob.

Building Your Sexual Confidence

When you are thinking about how to give a blow job to your man, you may be wondering about all these different blowjob positions and blowjob techniques as well as some of the more advanced stuff like giving your man deep throat.

But there’s a catch: It will be a lot more sexually satisfying for your man if you appear confident and know what you are doing. If it seems like you are going through a mental checklist, he will feel this. Following are some great blowjob tips that you can use to help build your general sexual confidence.

Practice!!!! - ALOT!

If you want to get more confident at giving your man a great blowjob, then you need to practice first. The best object for practicing on is a peeled banana, or even a dildo. It is soft but firm, so it won’t hurt your throat. It also tastes great!

There is literally nothing better than using a peeled banana, but if you want, you can also experiment with a dildo or another object. Note: there are some great flavoured lubricants like cherrystrawberry and citrus flavour that you can see here.

Sexual Confidence Is Not Just About Sex

Being sexually confident is not just about being a satisfying lover. Instead it’s about being comfortable in your body (this includes being naked in front of other women and men) and who you are as well as knowing some great sex positions, blowjob and handjob techniques.

So if you think that learning every blowjob technique, sexual position and sex tip is going to give you all the sexual confidence you need, then you are not understanding the important point.

To get sexually confident, you need to get comfortable with who you are as a person. The truth is that nobody is perfect and everyone has things about themselves that they wish were different, but that they can’t change.

To get more comfortable with who you are takes time. The important thing is to realize that most of the things you worry about are not actually that big of a deal.

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