Anal Beads


Anal beads are one of the most popular anal sex toys. Graduated, durable, and slim sized and jelly soft , their small size are designed for the anal play novice. Anal beads are inserted into the anal passage and removed to craete an incredibly intense sensation. The faster they are removed, the greater the sensation. Start off by slowly removing a small number of beads. As your experience increases and you feel more able to cope with the mind blowing orgasmic pleasure, then try additional beads and withdraw the anal beads at an increased speed.

This is the best way when learning how to use anal beads. See the sex toy video below for an instructional video on how to use ass beads.

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Anal beads create intense and prolonged anal stimulationAnal beads are inserted into the ass with lots of lubricant. The anal beads are then withdrawn. Watch the video above for more details. Each anal bead is 1mm smaller than the previous to maintain anal pleasure and the stimulation intensity.

See the anal bead video above for details of how to use anal beads.

  • Length 27cm
  • Width 1.6cm-2.5cm
  • Insertable length 24cm
  • Number of speeds N/A
  • Number of functions N/A
  • Batteries N/A
  • Available Colours Blue